Slidejoy App Review: Is Slidejoy legit?

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SlideJoy Summary
Rating: Category: Lockscreen
Type: App Payment: Cash + Gift Cards
OS: Bonus: None
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SlideJoy App Review

What Is SlideJoy?

Slidejoy is a lockscreen app for Android that pays you to display ads whenever you turn on your phone. Instead of just seeing your phone's home screen when you turn it on, you instead see the lockscreen which displays ads as well as the time, along with various news stories.

In order to get to your phone's home screen, you swipe right. If you're interested in the ad, you swipe left which will then take you to whatever link the advertiser has chosen.

If you see a news story you'd like to read, swipe up and it'll take you to their news section that displays a list of headlines with links to the stories. It's really simple and only adds a few extra seconds to get to your phone's home screen (unless you want to click on an ad or news, etc.). The first screen of the tutorial.

How Does SlideJoy Work?

Once installed (after signing up), you will begin to earn money each time you swipe left or right on the lockscreen. One of the reasons SlideJoy made the list of top 2017 apps that pay you is that you get paid whether you click on the ad or not so there's no need to click on ads you're genuinely not interested in.

Just use your phone like you normally would, after all, the lockscreen hardly takes any time at all to swipe away.

What Countries Does Slidejoy Work In?

The app currently works in the U.S., Canada, India, and Brazil, as well as a lot of European countries, so if you live in Europe, it's definitely worth trying to download because there's a good chance it'll work.

What Rewards Does SlideJoy Offer?

Once you've earned at least $2, you can redeem a reward via two different options:

Normal Mode

  1. Donations
  2. Gift Cards
  3. PayPal

Currently, there are only two different charities you can choose from: Jericho Project, which combats homelessness in New York City, and Got Your 6, which supports Veterans in various ways.

Gift Cards

There are too many gift cards to list but some of the best ones are Amazon (obviously), Google Play, and even Bitcoin, which is kind of cool. With Amazon, they actually offer a discount


You can also cash out with PayPal if you want, with amounts ranging from $2 to $200 (which would take a very long time to earn). The PayPal options under $10 are slightly more expensive than the other options, most likely because of the PayPal fee that they have to pay.

Hero Mode

The other option is the "Hero" mode which automatically donates your earnings to one of the two charities. This is a really nice feature that I haven't seen before on apps like Slidejoy. If you choose this option, they list part of your username on their "Feed" screen as a thank you. The feed screen showing users who donated to charity.

How Much Does SlideJoy Pay?

It's hard to say exactly how much Slidejoy pays since it largely depends on how much you use your phone but in my experience, it pays around $2-$3 a month.

I don't use my phone a whole lot though and I imagine it would be fairly easy to make more than this for someone that does. If you're looking for an app where you can make a lot more than this, check out my Swagbucks guide.

SlideJoy App Review Conclusion: Yes, SlideJoy Is Legit And You Really Do Get Paid!

Yes, Slidejoy is a legit app and it really does pay. It's been on my phone for well over a year and is one of my favorite apps. It doesn't get much easier in terms of making money as it's completely passive once it's installed/set up.

While you aren't going to get rich from the amount you earn, it's totally worth it to me to have it on my phone as it's an extremely easy way to help offset the cost of my phone bill each month.

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