Qriket Review: Spin Wheel, Get Codes, Win Money

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Qriket Summary
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Qriket Review

Update: Qriket has changed substantially since I wrote this review and no longer works the same. It now consists of a live gameshow where you can win money by correctly predicting which color a wheel will stop on.

In this Qriket review you'll learn what Qriket is, how to earn spins with Qriket, what rewards Qriket offers, and why Qriket made the cut for 2017's best apps that pay you.

What Is Qriket?

Qriket is an app for Android and iOS that allows you to win free money by choosing a color (blue or yellow) and then spinning a virtual wheel.

If you land on your chosen color, you win whatever amount of money is displayed (usually $.05 or $.10 although it goes as high as $100).

Before you're able to spin though, you need to sign up so you can begin to earn spins. Main screen of the Qriket app showing how many spins are left.

How To Get Spins On Qriket

Update: It appears you can no longer get spins by purchasing items from stores as the spin locator inside the app no longer shows any locations and the "Get More Spins" link on their website doesn't currently work.

Qriket has four two ways to earn more spins:

  1. View videos/ads
  2. Get Qriket spin codes from social media (Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram)
  3. Purchase something from a local retail partner
  4. Purchase merchandise from their online store

1. View Videos/Ads

By far, the best way to get free spins on Qriket is by watching videos and/or viewing full-screen ads (that you have to 'X' out of). Each video's pretty short and some even allow you to skip most of the video by clicking a link in the corner of the screen.

Most of the videos are advertisements although about four of them are Qriket videos advertising various things such as their online store, their social media profiles, etc.

For each video/ad viewed, you receive one spin. In my experience, I've recently been getting about 11 spins a day (by watching 11 videos/ads).

You can either spin after each ad or you can save them up (like I usually do) and then spin 11 times in a row (or how ever many spins you have). Winning real money for free with Qriket!

2.Get Qriket Spin Codes From Social Media (Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram)

Another popular way to get free spin codes for Qriket that can be used to try to win money instantly is through social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Qriket's founder, Jonny Comparelli, is active on all three and by doing various activities (like re-tweeting videos) on these social media networks you can earn Qriket spin codes which you can then enter into the app to get free spins.

The following are the various accounts of Qriket/Jonny which you can follow in order to get notified of any free spin codes that they post:

  1. Twitter: jcomparel
  2. Snapchat: jcomparel
  3. Instagram: jcomparel
  4. Youtube: qriket

If you do see a free spin code posted on one of the above sites, use it quickly because they aren't good for very long. I'm not sure if this is because only one person can use the code or if they're only active for a certain amount of time, but either way, they don't tend to last long.

Personally, I haven't been able to redeem one yet due to them always being expired whenever I come across them. If I monitored the above accounts watching for any codes that are posted though, I'm sure I could eventually get one.

One $100 spin code is given away some days to someone who re-tweets their daily video on Twitter. While I haven't done any of this at the time of this writing, I'm tempted to give it a try to see if I can get one of those $100 spin codes (who am I kidding, I'd be happy getting a $1 spin code!)

3. Purchase Something From A Local Retail Partner (No Longer Available)

This is a really good idea and one that seems to be fairly unique to these kind of apps. Qriket has a "Spin Locator" feature which basically shows you a map with a bunch of Qriket icons on it representing various businesses.

These businesses will give a spin code whenever you purchase things from them. This spin code provides you a one in four chance to win your purchase amount back (I think there are four colors to choose from instead of just two).

As much as I like this idea, I haven't had a chance to try this out as I don't live near any of these locations (they seem to be mostly smaller restaurants/eateries on the east coast at the time of this writing).

While I do really like this idea, currently it's pretty limited in terms of businesses/locations but I see this having a large growth potential if they could convince a few large chains to get on-board and team up with them.

If that were to happen and a location in my area started to give a spin code with every purchase, it would probably convince me to go there more often.

4. Purchase Qriket Merchandise (No Longer Available)

The last way to earn spins that could allow you to win free money is to make a purchase from their online store which admittedly, I don't really have an interest in doing.

I get why they're offering this as merchandise is a fairly easy thing to offer and it's yet another revenue source for the company (on top of the advertising revenue), but personally, I don't see why someone would spend money on their t-shirts or hats just for Qriket spin codes.

Anyway, if you want to, the option's there (and who knows, maybe that spin code you got is worth a lot more than the t-shirt/hat?) Qriket allows you to win/earn spin codes for additional spins.

Are There Any Other Ways To Earn Money With Qriket?

Yes, there are two more ways to earn money though neither of them involve spinning the virtual wheel which is why I chose to list them in a separate section.

  1. Challenge another user
  2. Refer people to Qriket

1. Challenge Another User

This one's for all you gamblers out there.

Qriket allows you to challenge another user which basically means that you set an amount of money you want to gamble with, pick your color, and then the app will search for your counterpart who's also looking to challenge someone.

Once you two are paired up, the wheel will spin and you'll either win the other player's money or they'll win yours based on whether or not the wheel lands on your color.

It's pretty fun (if you win anyways, otherwise it can be pretty depressing lol). This is a great feature for those that enjoy gambling and don't mind losing whatever amount of money they put up.

I definitely don't recommend it for those that want to just gain a small amount of money each day (or most days as you aren't guaranteed to win something every day). Qriket allows you to win money from others by challenging them.

2. Refer People To Qriket

Like a lot of these apps, Qriket also has a referral program where they reward you for convincing others to join. It used to be that you would get paid $1 for each new referral who uses your referral code to sign up but I think that's changed to $0.25.

Honestly, it's hard to figure out exactly how much they pay at any given time but the last referral I had rewarded me with $0.25.

In addition to you getting a bonus, your referral will also get 10 free spins to start off with (used to be 25).

This is great since it benefits both parties. The problem with some referral programs is that there isn't any incentive for people to use your referral link since they don't get anything in return.

Speaking of which, if you enjoy my Qriket review, I would greatly appreciate it if you signed up using my Qriket referral code (DEKWLN):

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Redeemable Rewards

Qriket keeps it extremely simple when it comes to cashing out. They only offer one way to get your money, PayPal, so make sure you have a PayPal account (or can create one) before joining.

Qriket Review Conclusion: Yes, You Really Can Win Money For Free!

Overall, Qriket rocks. It's my favorite of the apps that allows you to win free money because of its simplicity and the rate at which you seem to win.

It's definitely one of the best apps that allow you to win money for free which is why I included it on 2017's list of best apps that pay you. Currently, I probably use Qriket a few times a week and most days I use it I seem to win at least a little money (maybe 10 cents on average?).

While obviously I'm not going to be in the market for a beach house in Maui anytime soon, it's more than fine for the very little amount of "work" I do in order to win that.

So what are you waiting for, join today and see if you too can win some money (and maybe get one of those $100 Qriket spin codes!)

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