Qmee Review: Is Qmee Legit Or Is It A Scam?

Read my Qmee review to learn if Qmee is legit or if it's a scam.

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Qmee Review

In this Qmee review, you'll learn what Qmee is, how Qmee works, how to use Qmee, what rewards Qmee offers, some helpful Qmee tips, and if Qmee is legit or a scam.

By the end of this Qmee review, you'll know how to get paid to search the web with Qmee!

What Is Qmee?

Qmee is a free browser extension that, once installed, allows you to get paid to search the web. This is very similar to how Swagbucks' search option works which I discuss in my Swagbucks guide. What the Qmee browser extension looks like when clicked on in Firefox.

It's also a free app for both Android and iOS though the Qmee app doesn't pay you to search the web, it only pays you to take surveys. This is why I haven't used the app yet and will only discuss the browser extension/website in this Qmee review.

How Does Qmee Work?

Qmee works by monitoring what you search for on the following web sites:

  1. Google
  2. Bing
  3. Amazon
  4. Ebay
  5. Yahoo
  6. Best Buy
  7. Tesco
  8. Walmart

Once you search for something relevant to one of Qmee's advertisng partners on one of the above sites, Qmee will display ads on the left side of your screen related to that search. These ads will either pay you a certain amount to click on them (the exact amount will be show next to the ad) or will provide you with some sort of discount related to a specific product. Doing a test search on Bing to make sure Qmee is active.

How To Use Qmee?

To use Qmee, first sign up for a free account, and then install the browser extension for your favorite browser. Qmee currently works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

Once the browser extension is installed and active (it will be green), just search like you normally would and you'll begin to see Qmee at work. It should be noted that most of the time, you won't see anything from Qmee but this doesn't mean that Qmee isn't working.

This is normal as Qmee only displays ads and coupons when you search for relevant terms, items, etc. If you see Qmee display ads or coupons even just once, and the Qmee browser extension is green, then you can be sure that Qmee is indeed active in the background.

What Rewards Does Qmee Offer?

Qmee currently offers the following ways to cash out:

  1. PayPal
  2. Gift Cards
    • Amazon
    • Starbucks
    • iTunes
  3. Charity
    • American Red Cross
    • Intrepid Fallen Heroes

In order to choose a gift card, you must have a verified PayPal address linked to Qmee so be sure to already have a PayPal account or be able to sign up for one (it's free).

Are There Other Ways To Earn With Qmee?

Yes, there are two more ways to earn with Qmee. The first one is by taking surveys.

The Qmee browser extension will notify you when you have surveys available and if you click on it, it will take you to the page that lists your available surveys along with how long the survey will take, and how much the survey pays. Qmee's website showing surveys available to take.

As I mentioned earlier, there is also a Qmee app for your smartphone that will also allow you to take these surveys though you can't get paid to search the web through the mobile app.

The other way to make money with Qmee is by referring people. Currently, Qmee will pay you $1.00 for each person who signs up using your Qmee referral link. The money is credited to your account once your referral cashes out to PayPal for the first time.

Is Qmee Legit?

Yes, Qmee is 100% legit. I've earned money with Qmee and have received it via PayPal without any problems (see below). It is a legitimate company and I have no complaints regarding Qmee. Proof that Qmee paid me via PayPal.

Do You Have Any Qmee Tips?

Sure! Here's some tips you might find useful:

  • Qmee can be installed on multiple browsers (using the same account) so you never miss a chance to earn.
  • Always make sure to check that the Qmee extension is active (green) before searching.
  • You can verify that Qmee is active by searching for "Qmee" in one of the supported search engines.
  • Make sure to opt in to surveys so you have a chance to make additional money through Qmee.
  • Qmee works with Bing so if you have a Microsoft Rewards account, you can be logged into both at the same time.
  • Don't search solely to get paid by Qmee. Qmee works best when you search for things you are genuinely interested in.

Qmee Review Conclusion: Yes, Qmee Is Legit And You Really Can Get Paid To Search The Web!

As you can see from my Qmee review, Qmee is legit and you really can get paid to search the web using Qmee. I've been a member of Qmee for over a year and have cashed out using PayPal without any issues.

It's super easy to sign up and start using, and while you're not going to become a millionaire by using it, the amount adds up over time.

It's a great feeling when you get paid to search for things you would search for anyway.

Bottom line: I highly recommend Qmee!

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