Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to the website and explains what personal information is collected when you visit the site as well as how it's used.

Like most sites on the internet, this site keeps server logs of every visitor to this site. These logs contain your IP (Internet Protocol) address, a unique number that potentially may be used to identify you online (although, this would require getting information from your internet service provider).

As well as your IP address, other traffic data may also be logged. This traffic data may include such things as the following: which website you came from, which page(s) you visited, the country/city that you accessed this site from, the date and time you accessed the site, among other traffic data.

In addition to server logs, this website also uses cookies and web beacons. These cookies/web beacons may track you and/or collect information about you such as which links you click on, which websites you visit, etc.

One of these cookies is from Google Analytics, a service provided by Google that let's website operators have a better understanding of their visitors. Google Analytics enables website operators (including this one) to see detailed information regarding their visitors.

This detailed information includes but is not necessarily limited to such things as your referrer, which pages you visited while on this website, how long you stayed on each page, what city you accessed the website from, etc.

This data is used by the operator of this site in order to learn more about the visitors, especially things such as what content is (un)popular, where visitors to the site are located, (un)popular days/times of the week, how visitors are finding the site, etc.

If you wish to opt out of Google Analytics tracking, you can visit the following site in order to turn off Ads Personalization:

You can also opt-out by installing a browser plugin located here.

This privacy policy was last updated on 10/9/17 and may be updated at a future time if/when the need arises.

You can always find the latest version of this privacy policy at