Perk TV Review: Get Paid To Watch Videos

Learn how to get paid to watch videos by reading my Perk TV review.

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Perk TV Summary
Rating: Category: Videos
Type: App + Website Payment: Cash
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Perk TV Review

What Is Perk TV?

Perk TV is awesome. What is Perk TV you ask? Let me tell you: Perk TV is an app available for both Android and iOS that allows you to get paid to watch videos. In my opinion, it's one of the best apps that pay you of 2017 and the best app to use to get paid to watch videos.

This is because of two reasons: multiple devices and automatic play.

Yes, as far as I can tell, you are allowed to use Perk TV on multiple devices although how many devices isn't really stated anywhere that I could find as I suspect they don't want to publish the exact number.

Personally, I've used anywhere from two to four phones at a time without any issues. This seems to be a good amount for earning points at a reasonable rate without getting banned for running a huge "perk farm" of 10+ devices (which I definitely do not recommend).

Because of Perk's ambiguity when it comes to the number of devices you're allowed to run at once, I highly recommend you don't try to find what the exact limit is. You may inadvertently get yourself banned if they suspect you are trying to cheat or hack Perk TV in any way.

After all, the advertisers want you to pay attention to their ads, not have ten phones running at once while you go out to dinner (remember, they're paying Perk for your attention). Besides, with Perk TV it's so easy to get gift cards by watching videos there's really no need to push the envelope.

Follow the rules and soon you'll be on your way to getting paid to watch videos!

How Does Perk TV Work?

Perk TV works by selecting a video or playlist from among various categories. Once the video plays all the way through, an advertisement from one of Perk's advertisers will play.

Perk TV screenshot showing which categories you can choose from in order to get paid to watch videos.

Once the ad is over, you will be shown a black screen with a green bar at the top that will decrease until the next video begins playing. Also, you'll be shown how many "Perk Points" (these are what you redeem to get gift cards) you just got paid (if any) along with the next video that you'll be paid to watch.

This is also where you can get tokens by rating the video you just got paid to watch. Tokens can then be spent on entering sweepstakes.

These points will be added to your total which is also displayed on this black screen (top right). In order to ensure you are actually paying attention, a message is displayed about every two hours or so asking you as much and requiring you to push a button in order for more videos to play and hence more points to be collected.

It's pretty straightforward and very dependable as I've been using it for over a year now and have consistently been rewarded points.

Screenshot showing how many Perk Points were earned and the time until the next video starts.

How Much Do I Get Paid To Watch Videos?

The amount of Perk Points awarded per video varies. Currently, a random number of Perk Points ranging from zero to four are doled out though this may change in the future as has been done before.

These Perk Points are then able to be redeemed for a variety of rewards including gift cards, entries into sweepstakes, and yes, even money (through PayPal).

What Can I Get With Perk Points?

Perk has a TON of rewards you can choose from! Seriously, there's too many for me to name so here's a sample of what you can get:

  1. Gift Cards
    • Amazon (starting at $0.25)
    • Chipotle (starting at $5)
    • Ebay (starting at $1)
    • Google Play (starting at $10)
    • Nike (starting at $5)
    • Pandora One ($30)
    • Starbucks (starting at $5)
    • Walmart (starting at $5)
  2. Cash
    • PayPal (starting at $0.25)
    • Perk Plastik (Debit card, starting at $3)
  3. Sweepstakes Entries
  4. Prizes
    • Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet
    • Google Nexus 7
    • Perk Sunglasses
    • Playstation 4

Be aware that if you choose to get paid via PayPal, the exchange rate isn't as good as with gift cards. For example, an Amazon $5 gift card currently requires 5,000 points while the equivalent PayPal option requires 9,000.

This is why I will most likely always choose to get gift cards (Amazon specifically) because it's rare that I don't have something I want to buy on Amazon anyway. It is worth noting though that the PayPal exchange rate does improve significantly as the amount increases bringing the exchange rate down from 1,800 points per $1 to 1,330 points per $1 for amounts of $25 and above.

Are There Any Other Ways To Earn Perk Points?

Yes, a ton! Perk TV is only one of a slew of Perk apps. There are currently 10 different Perk apps (not including Perk Wallet) that allow you to earn Perk Points.

All the points you earn from the various apps are added together allowing you to quickly save up points. Even though some of the other Perk apps are pretty good, Perk TV is the best one in my opinion.

In addition to the other apps, you can gain even more points by referring people to Perk using your referral link. Currently, Perk will give both you and your referral 50 points upon your referral redeeming their first reward. Using the gift card exchange rate, it's basically equal to $.50. While not bad, there are better referral programs out there.

Perk TV Review Conclusion: Yes, You Really Can Get Paid To Watch Videos!

Overall, I love Perk TV. It's easy to use, has a ton of reward options, allows multiple devices, and has continuous play which eliminates the headache of having to click something every two minutes.

As for performance, Perk TV works pretty well on the phones I use it on though it does freeze fairly often.

I would say that if I’m running it on three phones at a time, chances are decent that one of the phones will get stuck on either a video or a black screen within a few hours. I can’t really say though whether this is a fault of the app or due to my phones.

The phones I run it on are not by any means high-end devices so I would guess this is more to blame than the actual app. If I were running it on a new/more powerful phone, I wouldn't be surprised if it ran continuously without any issues.

Even with the occasional freezing though, I still love Perk TV for watching videos which is why it comes in at #2 for the top apps that pay you of 2017. Hopefully it'll be around for a long time so I can continue to satisfy my deepening Amazon addiction!

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To earn the full $10 bonus you must earn 25,000 Perk Points. Please see website/app(s) for complete details.