Ibotta Review: Is It A Scam Or Is Ibotta legit?

Read the following Ibotta review to learn that Ibotta is legit and how you can start getting cash back too!

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Ibotta Summary
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Ibotta Review

This review is going to be different from other Ibotta reviews you may see online as I'm going to strive to bring you the most comprehensive, exhaustive Ibotta app review there is.

Not only am I going to tell you what the app is and how it works, but I'm also going to let you know if Ibotta is safe and legitimate, if it's worth your time, how you get paid, and, finally, let you know about other apps like Ibotta.

By the end of this Ibotta app review, you'll have enough information to decide whether or not to download the app and start getting cash back when you shop.

What Is Ibotta?

Ibotta (pronounced like "I bought a") is a cashback app launched in 2012 that's available for both Android and iOS. The app provides a way for you to get cash back on things you buy without having to use physical coupons or mail-in rebates.

It's basically like the 2017 version of the coupon. Where once you had to skim through pages and pages of store coupons, cut them out, then show them to the cashier, now you can just use your smartphone and this app and save both time and money.

A lot of the cash back offers available in the app revolve around grocery items such as bread, milk, yogurt, etc. though they do have opportunities to get cash back on other things like electronics or clothes. In fact, here are all the categories you can get cash back in:

  • Grocery
  • Pharmacy
  • Clothing
  • Beer, Wine & Spirits
  • Beauty and Wellness
  • Specialty
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Convenience

Personally, I love the food offers since I'm not a huge shopper to begin with and food is the one thing I know I will always be buying, after all, everyone has to eat!

How Does Ibotta Work?

Ibotta works by signing up for an account, downloading the app (both Android and iOS versions are available), and then choosing a category (see below) that you're looking to get cash back in.

Once the category is chosen, you'll see a list of stores within that category that currently have cash back opportunities. There should never be any shortage of stores to choose from as the app currently works at over 500,000 locations!

Here are some of the more popular ones:

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Walgreens
  • Dollar General
  • Costco
  • Chili's

Select the store/restaurant you want to shop at and you'll be shown all of the currently available cash back offers.

To redeem an offer and get cash back using the app, you first need to unlock the offer. There are different ways that offers get unlocked but they all require clicking the pink "Unlock" button. The 'Unlock' button in the Ibotta app.

A few different things will then happen. Either the offer will simply be unlocked or you will be shown something related to the offer such as a recipe, an ad, a fact, etc.

If one of these is displayed, you will need to click on the "Unlock" offer button at the bottom of the page with the recipe, ad, etc. to unlock the offer. Unlocking a cash back offer via answering a poll in Ibotta.

Once you have unlocked cash back opportunities, simply go to the store the offer is valid at, purchase the item, and then click the "Verify Purchases" button in the app. The 'Verify Purchases' button in Ibotta.

Select the store you just purchased the item from and then you'll see one of two screens: The 'Scan Product Barcodes' button in the Ibotta app.

The above screen is displayed for stores that don't have their loyalty card connected with the app. These stores require you to scan the barcode on the product, then take a picture of the receipt and upload it through the app. The 'Add Card' button in Ibotta.

The screen above is displayed when the store has their loyalty card connected with Ibotta. Clicking the "Add Card" button allows you to either type in the number on the back of your loyalty card or scan the card and the app will do it automatically.

This is great as you don't have to upload receipts when your loyalty card is connected with a store in the app. The cash back opportunities will automatically get used when you scan your card at checkout.

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Is Ibotta Legit?

Yes, Ibotta is legit and completely safe to use. The app was created by Bryan Leach, a Harvard, Oxford, and Yale graduate (yes, seriously!) and the company behind the app is actually Denver, Colorado's largest consumer technology company.

In addition, IBOTTA, INC. (the company behind the app) is actually accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

So far, Ibotta has paid out over $177 million in rebates to its users over the years and I'm personally a (very) small part of that as I've used the app for a long time now and have received cash back on every offer I've redeemed. Below you can see my payment proof from PayPal: Proof of payment from Ibotta via PayPal.

I also have multiple loyalty cards linked to the app and have never experienced any problem with using them or having the cash back offers rejected, etc. Ibotta is a completely legit app and one I highly recommend if you want to get cash back through your smartphone instead of cutting coupons.

Sounds Nice, But Is Ibotta Really Worth It?

Yes, definitely! That's like asking if it's worth it to pick up a $1 bill you find on the sidewalk.

It takes hardly any time to sign up, hardly any time to actually use, and hardly any time to get paid! I've spent way more time writing this Ibotta app review than I ever had to in order to actually use the app.

Everything is really simple and straightforward which is why I recommend anyone with a smartphone and who enjoys saving money to download the app.

Are There Any Other Ways To Earn With Ibotta?

Yes, not only can you get cash back with the app, but you can also earn even more by referring your friends. Like most other referral programs, Ibotta will pay you for qualified referrals who sign up using your referral code.

The awesome thing about this referral program though is that your friends also get paid for joining through your referral link/using your code.

The exact amount you and your friends get paid may change in the future but currently you earn $5 for each referral and your referral earns $10 upon joining and redeeming a rebate within a certain amount of time (see app for details).

This is a great way to earn on top of the already awesome cash back opportunities you get with the app.

Is PayPal The Only Way To Get Paid?

Nope, PayPal is only one of the ways to receive your money. In addition to PayPal, you can also transfer your money via Venmo or even get it in the form of a gift card.

Currently, you can transfer your earnings into gift cards for the following stores:

  • Best Buy
  • Amazon
  • Starbucks

I can't speak to how long it takes to get a gift card as I've only used the PayPal option which was very fast and hassle free.

Are There Other Apps Like Ibotta?

Yep, though honestly, Ibotta is my favorite of the cash back apps. Some similar apps though are:

Ibotta Review Conclusion: Yes, Ibotta Is Legit And You Really Do Get Cash Back!

Yes, Ibotta is a legitimate app and you really do get cash back. I've used it without any problems and have received cash back on multiple items.

It's really easy to join, use, and get cash back from. There are a ton of stores and always lots of offers to choose from which is why it's my favorite of the "cash back apps". I plan on using it for years to come! Thanks for reading my Ibotta app review!

*To get the $10 bonus, you must join and then redeem your first rebate within a certain amount of time (check app for details).

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