Fronto Has Been Replaced By Mint Screen

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Fronto, a lockscreen app for Android that paid users to unlock their phone, is no more. Sadly, the Fronto app has been replaced by a new app called Mint Screen that apparently doesn't pay you for unlocking your phone.

Instead, Mint Screen seems to only pay you for referring people and perhaps for winning some type of game in the app (I'm not positive about this as I uninstalled it without looking for any games to play).

Also, according to their website, they state that once the lockscreen learns enough about you they'll send you free swag. What that swag includes though isn't mentioned anywhere I could find so who knows what you may receive or when you may receive it.

Basically, the Fronto app appears dead at this point and the new Mint Screen app that took its place just isn't worth using in my opinion as the hourly unlock points that Fronto gave have been removed.

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This means that a lot of long-time users of Fronto like myself basically have a ton of points that will be extremely hard to redeem now and realistically probably never will.

I had thousands of points that I was saving for a PayPal payment later on that will most likely now just sit in my account until it most likely gets closed due to inactivity since I certainly won't be using the Mint Screen app unless they bring back hourly unlock points or some other way to easily and consistently rack up points.

So there you have it, a once reliable money app is no more, gone to join the ranks of the long list of other money apps that have been retired.

The good news is that there are alternatives to Fronto/Mint Screen that you can use to still make money by unlocking your phone. The following are currently available for Android and are legit as I've been paid by all of them:

Alternatives To Fronto/Mint Screen:

1. S'more

S'more (or Smore if you're lazy) is a great lockscreen app with the only downside being that they only pay you in Amazon gift cards. Since Amazon has so many items to choose from this isn't a big downside but it would still be nice if they offered a PayPal option so we could just get cash instead.

The cool thing about S'more is that as long as it's on your phone and activated, you'll get 10 points a day automatically. This is essentially equal to a free $0.10 a day just for seeing some ads on your phone.

2. SlideJoy

SlideJoy is another lockscreen app that unlike Smore, has multiple payment options including PayPal. It usually takes a while to aquire enough points to redeem but it's worth it in my opinion as it's pretty passive and you can earn a little bit extra every month just by using your phone.

3. Adme

Update (12/4/18):

Adme is dead, at least the Adme that payed users to view ads on their lockscreen. They stated that they are "pivoting" in an email a while ago and that they will no longer be rewarding their users monetarily. Not sure what they have planned but the app still isn't in the Google Play store. I'll update this again if the app ever returns but it looks like it won't be a money making app, anyway.

Adme is in a weird state right now as it's not available in the Google Play store currently but is still apparently paying out to current users (based on the fact that I recently received a payment).

This makes me confused about the status of the app as I'm not sure if they purposely removed it from the store or if Google removed it for some reason. Basically, if you already have it on your phone it appears to still be functioning and paying out like normal but for new users I don't think there's a way to download/sign up at the moment.

It's worth keeping in mind though for the future in case it comes back to the Google Play store as it's really a nice lockscreen app that does pay (currently, anyway).

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