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CheckPoints App Review

In this CheckPoints app review, you will learn what CheckPoints is, how to earn gift cards fast with CheckPoints, what rewards CheckPoints offers, and why CheckPoints made the list of the top 10 apps that pay you of 2017.

What Is CheckPoints??

Wouldn't it be great if you never had to work again?! Think of all the free time you'd have! You could lie around the house in your pajamas watching Netflix all day while all those other schmucks go off to work at some ungodly hour...yea, that'd be great!

Well, sorry to burst your (and my) fantasy, but I can't help you with the whole "no working ever again" thing (I know, back to reality!), but what I can do is tell you about an awesome app that allows you to earn gift cards fast for doing a number of different tasks!

That app is called CheckPoints and it's available for U.S. based Android and iOS users. It works by giving users points for doing things like checking into stores, watching videos, downloading apps, and more. Once a certain number of points have been earned, they can be redeemed for various rewards (like Amazon gift cards because who couldn't use an Amazon gift card?!).

How Do I Earn Gift Cards Fast With CheckPoints?

CheckPoints has six different ways to earn points that can be exchanged for gift cards (among other things):

  1. Check into stores
  2. Scan barcodes of featured products
  3. Watch videos
  4. Download/try apps
  5. Play an instant win game
  6. Refer others with your CheckPoints referral code

1. Check Into Stores

One of the things that sets CheckPoints apart from other gift card earning apps is the ability to check into (hence the name CheckPoints, get it?!) stores (mostly retail) and various other businesses. For each store/business you check into, you get a set number of points.

Usually, this is two points per location although there are a number of locations that give more, sometimes as much as ten points. These locations are denoted by a gold star next to their name. Checking into these gold star locations is a great way to earn points while you're going around to different stores to do your shopping.

2. Scan Barcodes Of Featured Products

This is another cool feature of the CheckPoints app that really helps you earn gift cards fast. Some of the stores you can check into also have featured products whose barcodes you can scan for additional points.

Clicking on the featured product in the app will engage your phone's camera which allows you to scan the barcode upon which you'll be able to see immediately whether or not the scan worked, as well as the number of points you just earned (if it successfully scanned).

I've scanned a ton of products this way and while I occasionally feel a little silly standing in an aisle scanning barcodes with my phone, whenever I see those points added to my balance I suddenly don't care as much.

3. Watch Videos

As with many other apps that allow you to earn gift cards, CheckPoints also allows you to earn points by watching videos. The videos are mostly (all?) movie trailers which is both a positive and a negative.

I say this because on the one hand you can discover some pretty cool looking movies that you may want to check out, but on the other hand, movie trailers tend to be a few minutes in length. This means that watching videos isn't always the most efficient way of earning points with CheckPoints although it is almost completely passive as once you select a video to watch, the videos in the list will play continuously one right after another.

The amount of points you earn from watching the videos varies with the number of videos watched. For the first 25 videos watched in a given day, you earn one point for each. After that, you only earn one point for every three videos watched, up to a maximum of 500 points per day. Overall, not terrible, but there are other gift card earning apps out there that allow you to accumulate points faster by watching videos.

4. Download and Try Apps

Another staple in many apps that allow you to earn gift cards, CheckPoints also allows you to earn points by downloading and trying out other apps. Each app listed has the specific instructions as to how to earn points (most of them seem to just require you to download and start the app) as well as the exact amount of points you'll earn.

The points earned in this way may take up to 24 hours to be added to your balance. If you have ample storage on your phone and a wifi connection (downloading apps can use a ton of data), it's an easy way to help you in your quest to earn gift cards fast(er).

5. Play An Instant Win Game

While this a fun way to possibly win some additional points, you should be careful with this feature as it's riskier than the other ways mentioned above. There are two different instant win games and they both cost 12 points to play, regardless of whether or not you actually win anything.

This means that you're points can disappear quickly if you have a bad luck streak. One is a slot style game where you spin the reels and try to match 3 like items

The other is a scratch off type game where you try to match three like items out of nine (they don't have to be next to each other). The amount of points you can win varies greatly as I've won as few as 20 points but they have huge jackpots of 150,000 points as well (at least on the scratch off game) so while I don't recommend playing these regularly, if you're bored and don't mind spending some points, they are kind of fun, and who knows, you may just get lucky!

6. Refer Others

Again, as with many other gift card earning apps, CheckPoints also has a referral program that allows you to earn points if someone signs up using your CheckPoints referral code.

Their referral program is different than most though in that the amount of points you earn for each referral can vary significantly as it depends how many points your referral earns in the first two weeks of using CheckPoints.

You earn 100% of whatever they earn in those first two weeks (not including some things like points won from games, etc.), up to a maximum of 7,500 points.

This is an interesting twist as most other referral programs seem to have a fixed amount which may or may not be better depending on what that fixed amount is as well as how active your CheckPoints referrals are in their first two weeks.

It should be noted that they make it a point to specifically state that posting your referral code on the App Store and/or making misleading statements regarding referrals (in order to try to get people to sign up using your CheckPoints referral code) can get your account banned so please keep that in mind.

Unlike many other referral programs, you aren't provided with a link with your referral code in it. Instead, your referrals have to type in your unique referral code into the CheckPoints sign-up form when creating their account.

This really isn't ideal in my opinion as people may forget to type it in even if they intend to use you as a referral or they may simply not see where to type in the code on the sign-up form.

Because of this, I really wish they would give you a link with your referral code in it as it makes the process easier for both parties. Speaking of referrals, I would greatly appreciate it if you used my CheckPoints referral code (sailing) to sign up:

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Redeemable Rewards

CheckPoints has a ton of different reward options. These vary from gift cards, to products, to even airline miles. There's really too many for me to list so here's just a sample of what they offer:

  • Amazon Gift Cards
    • $1 (335 points)
    • $10 (3350 points)
    • $25 (8375 points)
  • Target Gift Cards
    • $10 (3375 points)
    • $50 (16250 points)
  • Playstation 4 w/1 Remote
    • 128,000 points
  • American Airlines Miles
    • 500 miles (3750 points)

Like I said, those are just some of the rewards you can earn with CheckPoints. They really do have a lot of rewards to choose from, especially when it comes to gift cards. They even allow you to donate points to charities like the American Red Cross or Make A Wish Foundation.

CheckPoints App Review Conclusion: Yes, You Really Can Earn Gift Cards Fast!

Overall, CheckPoints is an awesome app that really does allow you to earn gift cards fast. It's one I use often and have redeemed multiple (Amazon) gift cards with.

It's reliable, easy to use, and even kind of fun. In short, I highly recommend it.

Thanks a lot for reading my CheckPoints app review and thanks again if you choose to use my referral code to sign up.

Now that you know how to earn gift cards fast with CheckPoints, how about letting your friends know so they too can earn some gift cards fast?