Adme App Review: An Android Lockscreen That Pays You

Learn how to get paid to unlock your phone by reading my Adme app review!

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Adme Summary
Rating: Category: Lockscreen
Type: App Payment: Cash
OS: Bonus: None

Adme App Review

What Is The Adme App?

Update (12/4/18):

Adme is dead, at least the Adme that payed users to view ads on their lockscreen. They stated that they are "pivoting" in an email a while ago and that they will no longer be rewarding their users monetarily. Not sure what they have planned but the app still isn't in the Google Play store. I'll update this again if the app ever returns but it looks like it won't be a money making app, anyway.

Update (10/17/18):

Adme isn't currently available in the Google Play store so there doesn't appear to be a way for new users to signup and download the app.

What if I told you you could get paid to unlock your phone? How awesome would that be?! Well guess what? You can!

This is possible through a few different lockscreen apps, the first of which I'm going to review today.

The app is called Adme and here's how it works: Once installed, Adme displays advertisements whenever you turn on/wake up your phone through the use of a lockscreen that you swipe away in order to get to your home screen.

Based on your phone usage, Adme gives you a small percent of the advertising revenue they receive from their advertisers.

Generally speaking, the more you use your phone, the more you can make (they do make a point to specifically state that repeatedly unlocking your phone in order to try to manipulate your earnings won't work and may instead increase the risk of being banned so keep this mind and make sure you use your phone like you normally would).

How Does The Adme App Work?

Adme has three different modes that you can choose from: Adme's three modes that allow you to get paid to unlock your Android phone

As you can see from the image above, if you want to earn the most money with Adme you want to choose the "Double Screen Mode" as you will see both the Content Feed as well as the Full Screen Ad upon waking up your phone.

How Does Adme Pay You?

When it comes time to cash out, Adme pays you through PayPal. In order to request payment, you have to have at least a $10 balance.

Once you meet the balance requirement and request payment, they will pay on either the 1st or the 15th of the month depending on when you requested payment, for instance, if you request payment on the 1st you'll be paid on the 15th, etc.

My payment experience with Adme has been great. I've been paid twice so far (as of this writing) and have been paid on time and the correct amount each time: Adme Payment Confirmation: Yes, This Android Lockscreen App Really Does Pay To Unlock It!

Adme App Review Conclusion: Yes, This Android Lockscreen Really Pays You To Unlock It!

Overall, the Adme app is great which is why it's one of the top ten apps that pay you of 2017.

I love getting paid to unlock my phone and while it's not a huge amount of money, every little bit helps. My only two semi-complaints (they're rather small) are that they changed their content feed screen awhile back and, honestly, I don't like it as much.

Their old content feed displayed the articles by default. Now, you have to select the feed to see the articles which is another step in the process and makes it so most of the time, I don't bother as I'm generally in a hurry when I'm waking my phone up (Wikipedia isn't going to read itself).

The new(ish) default screen basically just has a "trending" article link and a search box along with the date/time in the top left. To actually get to the article feed, you have to slide over to the feed at the bottom which is sometimes hidden on my screen.

Basically, their old content feed was much better in my opinion.

My other small complaint is that sometimes I get a message from Adme telling me to make sure not to bypass their ad screens by clicking the Home button. The only thing I can think of that causes this to happen is sometimes my phone will simply display a black screen when I'm trying to unlock it and I'm forced to close whatever application is frozen.

I'm guessing this may be due to the fact that I have multiple lockscreen apps on my phone and occasionally they might be causing issues with each other though this is fairly rare and certainly something I can live with. The majority of time I have no issues with Adme or any of the other lock screen apps I have installed.

Overall, I highly recommend the Adme app as it's a simple way to make a few extra bucks simply by unlocking your Android phone.

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