Hi there, thanks for stopping by my site! FrugalNinja.com came about shortly after I (name's Chris, hi again) stumbled upon an app called Viggle. This app rewards you for listening to music and watching T.V. shows with Perk Points, which as I describe in my Perk TV review, can be used to earn money (through PayPal) and gift cards.

I quickly thought to myself, self, if there's one app that rewards you with awesome stuff like gift cards and even money, maybe there are others that do too?! Well, I was right (thank you).

Hence I went down the rabbit hole to try as many apps and websites I could find that either rewarded me with gift cards, money, or cash back.

While this site started with a focus only on apps that pay you to use them, it has since morphed into a personal finance site with a focus on using technology (e.g., your smartphone and computer) to both make and save money.

I hope you enjoy my site and appreciate it very much if you choose to sign up to any program discussed here through my referral links/codes.

From time to time I will continue to add reviews/information regarding various aspects of personal finance, it's just that it does take some time to write everything and then format everything, and then re-write everything because I realized what a terrible job I did the first time around, and then get hungry so I take a break to eat, and then...anyways, thanks again for visiting!

And thus concludes the tale of FrugalNinja.com or: How I learned to stop worrying and make my lazy phone pay it's own way! (that's right phone, I put you on blast, now what?!)