Qriket Review: Win Real Money For Free

Sign up for Qriket for your chance to win real money for free!

QRIKET REVIEW WHAT IS QRIKET? Qriket is an app for Android and iOS that allows you to win real money for free by choosing a color (blue or yellow) and then spinning a virtual wheel. If you land on your chosen color, you win whatever amount of money is displayed (usually $.05 or $.10 although it goes as high as $100). Before you’re able to spin though, you need to earn those spins. HOW DO I EARN SPINS WITH QRIKET? Qriket has four different ways to earn spins: View videos/ads Interact on social media (Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram) Purchase something from a local retail partner Purchase Qriket merchandise 1. VIEW […]

Adme Review: Get Paid To Unlock Your Phone

Get paid to unlock your phone with Adme!

ADME REVIEW WHAT IS ADME? What if I told you you could get paid to unlock your phone? How awesome would that be?! Well guess what? You can! This is possible through a few different lock screen apps, the first of which I’m going to review today. The app is called Adme and here’s how it works: Once installed, Adme displays advertisements whenever you turn on/wake up your phone through the use of a lock screen that you swipe away in order to get to your home screen. Based on your phone usage, Adme gives you a small percent of the advertising revenue they receive from their advertisers. Generally speaking, […]

CheckPoints Review: Earn Gift Cards Fast With This Awesome App

Earn gift cards fast with CheckPoints!

CHECKPOINTS REVIEW WHAT IS CHECKPOINTS? Wouldn’t it be great if you never had to work again?! Think of all the free time you’d have! You could lie around the house in your pajamas watching Netflix all day while all those other schmucks go off to work at some ungodly hour…yea, that’d be great! Well, sorry to burst your (and my) fantasy, but I can’t help you with the whole “no working ever again” thing (I know, back to reality!), but what I can do is tell you about an awesome app that allows you to earn gift cards fast for doing a number of different tasks! That app is called […]

Perk TV Review: Get Gift Cards For Watching Videos

Get gift cards for watching videos with Perk TV!

PERK TV REVIEW WHAT IS PERK TV? Perk TV is awesome. What is Perk TV you ask? It’s an app available for both Android and Iphone that allows you to get gift cards for watching videos. In my opinion, it’s hands down the best app to use to get gift cards for watching videos. This is mainly because of two reasons: multiple devices and automatic play. Yes, as far as I can tell, you are allowed to use Perk TV on multiple devices. How many devices isn’t really stated anywhere that I could find as I suspect they don’t want to publish the exact number. Personally, I usually use three […]